Games - Play the games with the characters from the story

Read the story then play the interactive games with the characters to learn key literacy skills such as: blending consonants, capital letters, long vowel phonemes, question marks, full stops, tricky words and more... Synergistic!: the games encourage reading the story and the story encourages playing of the games! A superb motivator for boosting interaction with reading.

What’s included?

149 interactive activities over 13 topics and 16 game themes. Full screen, no adverts, 70 (and growing) compatible with tablets.

Interactive Reading Games
Alphabetical Order Double Consonants Question Mark Game
Capital Letters Beginner Exploring Long Vowel Phonemes Singular Or Plural?
Capital Letters Advanced Full Stop Game Beginner Tricky Words*
Consonant Blends CCVC* Full Stop Game Advanced Words that Rhyme 1
Consonant Blends CVCC* High Frequency Words Words that Rhyme 2
Does it make sense? (Beginner) Long Vowel Phonemes Beginner* Words that Rhyme 3
Does it make sense? (Advanced) Long Vowel Phonemes Advanced* Words Within Words
iPad\tablet\mobile compatible * previously sold as software

Featured: Blending Consonants - CCVC Words

Little Mo (Roy’s cousin) is learning about blending and segmenting consonants to make CVCC words. It’s all happening in her secret garden where students blending or segmenting phonemes to make words means she earns Zs (the local currency) to spend in Garden World. A quick visit to Garden World provides essential growing items to make her plants grow quickly, but she will need to save her Zs to afford the hot air balloon trip or crop duster plane?

Featured: Long Vowel Phonemes

Mango, our little green parrot, helps your pupils learn and differentiate all their long vowel phonemes. Each lesson is packed with printable resources that complement the games: there are more than 140 printable resources for this bundle of games, including worksheets for use in the class or for homework. The games are ideal for supporting the teaching of synthetic phonics.

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